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Full Tarot by Dorothy

Thursday 28 July, 2016

Thank you so much for the tarot card reading! Now I know the truth! Love and light _3
Testimonial By: Love

Pagan is Amazing

Monday 06 June, 2016

I have been ordering from Pagan for quite some time now and all I can say is...she delivers! I especially love her breast enlargement spells. My breast size continues to grow with each spell that I order. In time, I am confident that I will get to the size that will make me happy. THANK YOU PAGAN!
Testimonial By: Prissy

one marid djinn wish

Friday 03 June, 2016

i wished for something so amazing and it came to pass and is still working until full awakening and to the skeptic out there just go with something small then you'll see she is worth it and her covens or spirits their all amazing
Testimonial By: J

Home Selling Spell

Monday 08 February, 2016

Hi, I want to let you know that you spell to sell my home worked VERY FAST. It was sold within a couple weeks of when you did the spell for me. We are now at our new location. I am still in awe and appreciate your power and wonderment! I thank you so much and will recommend you to ANYONE looking for a powerful effective spell worker. You are the best!
Testimonial By: Lilah Marie (Shani)


Tuesday 02 February, 2016

I ordered a spell and a few wishes .Im already seeing results !Its amazing how fast it manifested and i will always be a customer to this lovely person.Her customer service is and has been perfect ! I truly want to thank you and your genie ! THANK YOU! xoxo
Testimonial By: its magick

Powerful Diet Spell

Friday 15 January, 2016

I recently purchased a Powerful Diet Spell and I can testify that it REALLY works! I wanted to loose 1 inch from my waist and I did. I can button up my jeans again. THANK YOU SO MUCH PAGAN AND GENIE!
Testimonial By: Prissy

Black Magic Removal/Protection Spells

Sunday 10 January, 2016

Just wanted to say thank you to Pagan for recently casting a 'Black Magic Removal Spell' and 'Protection Spell' on my behalf. The spells have really worked wonders for me. I feel so much better now. THANKS Pagan!
Testimonial By: Prissy

Breast Enlargement

Sunday 10 January, 2016

Purchased a breast enlargement spell recently and have gone up another inch. Thank you so much Pagan. You ALWAYS deliver!
Testimonial By: Prissy

Simply Outstanding

Sunday 13 December, 2015

I have been ordering from Pagan for quite a while and I can HONESTLY say that her spells work! I have had no complaints and she has never let me down. I will definitely continue to order from her in the future. Thank you Pagan. You are simply the best.
Testimonial By: Prissy

Love spell

Friday 20 November, 2015

Pagan cast a love spell for me and literally one day later it worked.  It was cast on a man who I love and who is my soulmate who also sees me as his soulmate.  We have both been married to other people for decades, but both marriages had been broken for a long time.  What we have is so special and unlike any relationship either of us has ever had.  We spend all our time laughing together and shine light on each other’s lives and, for months we knew that we wanted to be together and had talked about this. Then suddenly he had backtracked, not because he didn’t want to be with me, but because he is a good man and does not want to hurt his wife.  We stopped speaking to each other as we had been and we were both miserable and my life had failed apart.  Then I found Pagan and realised it didn’t have to be that way.

So you can see that this spell was cast not to change someone’s will but to make it easier for him to make the choice he wanted to make.  I thought it would take weeks but the day after it was cast he came back to me, completely changed and I have my soulmate back again and he has his. We spent yesterday laughing again and the attraction between us feels even more powerful.  Thank you Pagan!

Testimonial by ‘Anonynous’ (or Happy Customer!)
Testimonial By: Anonymous

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