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Wednesday 27 October, 2010

Dear Pagan I wish to thank you very much for the success of a wish that you had made for me a few years ago you may not remember it ,with all thepeople I am sure you help. It was combined with a couple other wishes but this one was the truest of my heart I believe as this is the one that came true. I had wished to havemy twingirls that I lost in pregnancy back ,when I was trying to concieve again. I did recieve a twin pregnancy within the year of making the wish the only difference was a boy and girl which was the best news I had heard seeing as she would be my only girl of 5 children and was thehope I wanted, seeing as it was my last child bearing attempt. I am having the time of my life with these two little darlings and Iknow that your help made this possible.
Isend my sincerest gratitude to you and your dinjin for the help and support. I have included a little photo and you may include my story to your web site forothers to have faith in what you do as Itruly believe in you .
Testimonial By: alma aubin

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