Wednesday 30 May, 2012

My 15 month old son has crooked feet. He was falling all the time and he struggled with walking straight. My son also struggled with breathing issues from allergies and slight asthma. LET just say this..he is not falling and his feet are literally straightening up. They were very severe. His breathing is much better! He is sleeping soundly at night with NO coughing THANK you Pagan and everyone who sent healing to my son. My son was suffering really bad and now he is brathing better and not fall all the time! I will order the Reiki Distance healing again for myself and my sons again. WE still go to the doctor for check ups but this healing really works and seems to speed things up ALOT which leads to using LESS medicine. I still keep my sons allergy medicine but he hasnt had to use it in a week!
Testimonial By: April F

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