Mini Tarot By Dorothy


By Popular Request, Paganshop1 Is Now Offering Mini Tarot Readings by Dorothy.

You can ask one question and Dorothy will draw from her own unique cards and give you an in-depth answer along with words of wisdom and advice. You may also have a message from the spirits if there is a message for you as Dorothy works alongside a vast amount of spirits throughout her readings.

When purchasing this reading, please ask your question along with any information you feel is relevant and Dorothy will contact you directly to your email address as soon as she has your answers. 

This way of reading offers you insight, answers and assistance with decisions.

You can have several readings for different questions, or a general daily reading.

Dorothy is Looking Forward To Helping You To Find Your Answers And Giving You Probably The Most Accurate And Profound Tarot Reading You Have Ever Had.

Don't forget, this is a mini reading, for something more in-depth, Dorothy also has a full 3 question reading which will give you more than any other tarot reader can give you.

Every reading is personal to you, nothing is ever computer generated or pre-written as many other websites seem to do. You really won't be disappointed. Book now and see just how amazing and accurate Dorothy is!

Love and Light


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