Free Wishes

Brand New To Paganshop1

Free Moon Wishes!

What Is Your Wish?

Here's How It Works!

1. Just Touch The Moon Picture With Your Right Palm And Make A Wish

2. Log In Every Day For 14 Days And Repeat, Making The Same Wish

3. Tell At Least 14 People About The Free Moonwish Page by Giving Out The Direct Link Or Posting It On Your Blog!

4. Just Wait For Your Wish To Come True.

Its Amazing, It's Fun And Its Free!


What If I Forget To Log In?.....Dont Worry, Just Start Again.

What If I Dont Have 14 Friends?.......They Dont Have To Be Friends, They Can Just Be People On Your Email List.

What If I Tell More Than 14 People?........That's Fine, It Will Make Your Wish Even Stronger.

Why Do I Have To Touch The Picture Everyday?..........It Creates High Positive Energies As Others Are Also Passing On Positive Energies Too.

Good Luck

Love and light


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